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Our mission

Our mission

The mission

Graminor is responsible for the development of new plant varieties for the agricultural and horticultural industries in Norway. Our community mission is to deliver new plant varieties that are adapted to the Norwegian growth environment for the food producers. Increased food production based on Norwegian resources is one of our goals.

Our breeding

Graminor develops new varieties of cereals, forage crops, potatoes and strawberries for the Norwegian growth environment. The goal is to secure that Norwegian producers has access to varied, climate adapted and disease free plant material.

Plant breeding on behalf of the state

Graminor runs breeding programs that are socioeconomically profitable, but that are not commercially profitable for Graminor because of lack of market profit. The difference is made up by financial support from the state.

Testing of foreign plant varieties

Within the plant species and climate areas where foreign plant material satisfy the Norwegian markets demands for variety traits, Graminor running trials, test and making foreign varieties available takes precedence over running our own breeding programs.

Prebase production

Graminor has as variety owner and -representative the responsibility for making sure that the market has access to prebase and starting material for market relevant plant varieties. Prebase production means to produce the seeds that is sold to the seed companies (Felleskjøpet and Strand Unikorn) for further propagation and sales to end users, the producers. The supply is carried out in close cooperation with the seed companies for cereal and forage crops. As for seed potatoes Graminor buys the service from Overhalla Klonavlsenter (clone breeding center) and for fruits and berries Sagaplant stands for the production of elite plants and starting material of strawberries, raspberries and fruit.

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