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Graminor participates in various Research - and Development (R&D) projects with national and international partners. In relation to research related to the development of new varieties of fruit and berries Graminor is involved in the following projects:


Duration 2018-2020 | PPP NordGen

Pre-breeding for the future Challenges in Nordic fruit and berries (NORDFRUIT).



Duration: 2014 -2019 |  244658  |   BIONÆR — BIONÆRINGSPROGRAM

From laboratory to field trials: Application of genetic markers for more efficient production of wintering strong strawberry varieties

The project is a collaboration between Graminor AS, NIBIO, UiO, Hedmark University college and the international Indiana Purdue University at Indianapolis, USA. Biomarkers for cold hardiness are desired for selective breeding of strawberry cultivars for improved winter survival.  The survival of strawberry plants in areas with low temperatures is highly complex and affected by several physiological responses and a range of biotic (e.g. diseases) and abiotic (e.g. environment -cold, drought) factors, and has been one of our research focus since 2007. This project aims to identify and validate biomarkers linked to cold tolerance in Graminor’s core breeding material, in order to employ them in marker-based strawberry breeding in Graminor 



Duration 2012 -2017

Pre-breeding for Future Challenges in Nordic Apples (NORDAPP)




Varighet 2014-2017 | NFR 234312

High quality cultivars of strawberry and raspberry for processing and fresh market.




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